We’re Getting There…

September 18, 2023

Every year we try to up our game. This year, we’re going BIGGER than ever with the all-new SCREW NETWORK and a new, video-centric format to meet the ever-GROWING “needs” of our fans. Rather than work on the new website in “secret”, we decided to do it live, in real-time, so you can witness it and be a part of it all…

Every day we’re adding new video content (and more) by HAND — no “bots” to add random content just for the sake of adding it, but rather, content that is personally selected by the SCREW staff including yours truly, Kentucky Joe, Meatman Meyers, Tennessee Jeremy Jones Cane (aka “The Outlaw Poet”), Tony Vaselini, and more. This is by far the BIGGEST undertaking we’ve, uh, undertaken, since them jerks at Roku banned porn and cancelled the original SCREW TV.

The all-new SCREW NETWORK will feature much more than just random videos. We’ll be adding some podcasts, shows, some premium content, and we’re even producing some of our very own content for the first of the new year.

Some of the hallmark features like “Dirty Diversions”, “Smut From The Past”, and “Sex Scene” will remain, though amped-up with video, but there’s some new ones, too. Keeping with our long tradition of promoting artists, we’re adding “Screw Your Art Out”. “Public Access” is a throw-back to the old days and will be a place for ANYONE to share their podcasts and vidcasts. “Pantyrazzi” will expose celebrities who expose themselves. “Hella Flesh” will deliver “fresh meat daily” with sexy, solo girl content. “The X-Pile” will feature the latest in conspiracy theories and paranormal. And “History A-Fuck” will reveal some of the dark secrets of human history.

So as you can see, SCREW NETWORK will be a lot more than “just porn”.

We appreciate your patience in the mean time as we work like hell to make all this shit happen. And we’re looking forward to making the brand’s 55th year its biggest yet.


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