Try SCREW Premium for $1.99

Try SCREW Premium for $1.99


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Boomers can’t text, yo. Always double-check the destination before you hit send! Peter finds himself in a conundrum when he sends some nude pics of his sexy wife Vivianne to their step-nephew Jimmy…awkward!!! Maybe he didn’t see them yet? They haul ass to his room, only to catch him mid-fap… zoomers are quick! Jimmy gets sternly told to delete the pics from his phone. But that won’t stop him from using his internal spank bank…

Jimmy walks in on his step-uncle & step-aunt making out. Peter invites to him fuck his wife’s mouth as Jimmy pounds Vivianna’s facehole until she is slobbering everywhere! Peter & Jimmy spit-roast Viv’s MILF holes every which way. Vivianne cums hard from being double-stuffed! Jimmy cums all over his step-aunt’s face… and then, then he wakes up. Dick in hand and step-uncle & step-aunt admonishing him as they tell him to leave. Keep your doors locked boys!

Date: October 13, 2023

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