Try SCREW Premium for $1.99

Try SCREW Premium for $1.99


2 Options, Watch Me Fuck Or Divorce, You Decide!


Getting caught cheating is devastating. When Chloe’s husband violates their vows, she is ready to divorce him. They tried working on things, but now she has documents for him to sign. Unless… she can get hers too. She wants to get even. Chloe proposes that to repair their marriage she needs to fuck someone else – and her husband has to watch them. Getting separated is expensive! Chloe’s husband hesitantly agrees to watch her get hammered by another man. Chloe invites a tall black guy over called Jay. He dwarfs her as he strips her down & plays with her juicy tits. Chloe sucks Jay’s huge cock as her husband watches reluctantly. He turns away when she is about to be penetrated, but she insists he sees as Jay enters her tight hole & stretches it out. Chloe’s pussy is soaked & dripping as she is pounded by Jay, her husband has never seen her that wet! Chloe keeps looking in her husband’s eyes as she’s fucked to multiple intense orgasms . Jay pulls out and unleashes all over her sweet booty. Chloe seems totally satisfied and is willing to work on the marriage with her husband now that he watched her get railed by a stranger. Don’t you just love a happy ending!!!

Date: October 6, 2023
Actors: Chloe Cooper

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