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Try SCREW Premium for $1.99


Protective of our Family


High school principal Kendra James has asked teacher Reagan Foxx and two students, Hazel Moore and Chloe Surreal, to meet her after school in a classroom. Reagan, Hazel, and Chloe are perplexed…what could Kendra possibly want from them? Serene Siren has gotten married to Spencer Scott, so Serene’s stepdaughter Lexi Lore and Spencer’s stepdaughter Chloe Temple are now stepsisters. The teens admit to being attracted to the stepmoms! Serene and Spencer are surprised and a bit hesitant at first, but then decide to help the teens explore these feelings. This family is clearly close and protective of each other, so why not get even closer? If having two stepmothers isn’t different enough, what happens when a third gets added into the mix? Well, that’s exactly what Rachael Cavalli and Charli Phoenix, a married couple, are thinking about doing. The only problem is that their stepdaughter, Madi Collins, isn’t taking the news quite well. Rachael and Charli introduce Madi to their new girlfriend, Jessica Ryan, leaving the two of them together to get to know each other.

Date: September 30, 2023

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