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Hump In The Night


Kendra James instructs her stepdaughter, Kimmy Kimm, to tidy up the living room, but Kimmy complains. Kendra reminds Kimmy of the agreement they made last semester: if Kimmy didn’t improve her grades, Kimmy would have to do chores for a full WEEK. On top of that, Kendra would have free reign to get frisky with Kimmy as she cleans. Finally, after watching Kimmy bending over and getting down onto her hands and knees one too many times, Kendra takes a seat and spreads her legs wide, inviting Kimmy to have a little break! After moving into a creepy new house with her stepmom (Kenzie Taylor), Lily Larimar hasn’t been able to get a wink of shut-eye since the house is SO CREEPY. Kenzie tries to console her at times, but Lily insists she’s fine. They cuddle in bed, though Lily still can’t calm down enough to get some rest. Well… Kenzie does have ONE idea that might help Lily relax. A little “hump” in the night might be just what the doctor ordered! Lola Sinn arrives home from school and excitedly tells her stepmom, Sarah Taylor, that she’ll be moving in with her best friend during college. Sarah is surprised and supportive, but questions if Lola is ready for the move. After all, it’s a lot of work and responsibility! Lola might have to prove to her stepmom how capable and grown up she really is!

Date: September 25, 2023

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