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Try SCREW Premium for $1.99


Die Sex Nanny 02


The sex nanny is back! Today, the certified bang expert Da Cada faces the intimacy problems of her customers. Werner and his better half, Marlis, with monster breasts, start things off. Whenever things get down to business, Werner, who suffers from Tourette, throws out obscene insults, which Marlis doesn’t understand. Da Cada puts all his body into it to find a solution that is acceptable to both sides. Well-endowed Lena turns to our nanny because she wishes her boyfriend Timo would take it harder. But he’s rather shy and just can’t get out of himself during sex. A tough nut that patent cunt Da Cada has to crack here. One can be curious. Whenever Leckspecht Horst polishes the ergot of his flame Vera with a nimble tongue, he makes indefinable slobbering noises. Completely off-putting for its buckle. With a lot of empathy and various special treatments from her bag of tricks, the sex nanny tries to solve the problem and bring a breath of fresh air back into the married couple’s bed. Early retiree Winfried complains that his wife Erna simply falls while blowing. An absolute no-go that our monster-breasted therapist has to solve as soon as possible. Jrgen and Ines represent the last case of hardship for today. The horny whore buck is totally into role-playing games and wishes for an optical type change in his loved one. But she has little understanding for what she considers to be abnormal wishes. Can Da Cada find a mutually satisfactory solution? Stay tuned! Have fun!

Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: DaCada

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